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UNCLAS //N01000//

ALCOAST 356/12



1. Shipmates, I recently had the great privilege of visiting the

headquarters of the National Archives, where the archivists showed me

the original legislation which gave us our beginning, signed by

President George Washington on the 4th of August, 1790. This was a

very special event that vividly reminded me of the connection our

Service has to the history of the United States of America. This

year, as we celebrate the 222nd birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard, we

will dedicate time to honor our profession by focusing on proficiency

throughout the Service.

2. I invite you to view a Coast Guard Day video message from me and

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Leavitt using the

following links:





3. The Coast Guard remains an organization undergoing change while

sustaining a broad range of operations and support activities across

a diverse range of missions. Increased activity in the Arctic, the

continued flow of drugs and migrants toward our shores, threats to

fisheries, and our mandate to assure the safe and secure approaches

to American ports all confront us like uncertain and stormy seas-and

all in the context of shrinking budgets. At the same time, however,

we must rely on the enduring anchors that define us as Coast

Guardsmen – members of the profession of arms – and that are crucial

to our success: proficiency in craft, proficiency in leadership, and

disciplined initiative.

4. This week I published an article linked below that communicates my

vision and intent on proficiency, why it is important, what the

service is doing to improve it, and what I expect of each of you.

http://tinyurl.com/cff9hzr. I encourage you to read it and discuss it

with your shipmates.

5. Proficiency in craft, proficiency in leadership, disciplined

initiative-these are the anchors upon which we will hold fast in the

uncertain and stormy seas that we are facing.

6. Beyond the current situation, they are enduring. Their value and

necessity to our ethos and our mission success is proven in our rich

heritage and the long blue line of Coast Guard men and women who have

gone before us. They will sustain us in the future as they do now and

have before.

7. Within the next 30 days, commanding officers and

officers-in-charge shall discuss the contents of the article at

quarters or an appropriate muster. I encourage you to continue these

discussions in the mess deck and hangar deck, Chiefs Mess, wardroom,

and among staffs and teams.

8. As we face uncertain and stormy seas, current threats, or future

challenges, I am always confident that we will succeed because of the

great men and women of our Coast Guard. I am proud to be your

Commandant. Linda and I want to take this opportunity to thank you –

our Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian and Auxiliary members as well as

our retirees and all of our Coast Guard families, for your service,

sacrifice and dedication to duty.

9. We are Coast Guardsmen. This is our chosen profession. This is our

way. This is what we do.

10. Stand a Taut Watch. Semper Paratus.

11. Admiral Bob Papp, sends.

12. Internet release authorized.


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