• Having sold out all copies of our previous editions of The Coast Guard, our signature coffee table book, and copies going for more than $300 on Amazon.com, we printed a third edition. Updated with a chapter USCG Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft, our editor LCDR Tom Beard, USCG (Ret.) once again produced an exceptional book.
  • Joining forces with the National Coast Guard Museum Association (NCGMA) in their effort to establish a National Coast  Guard Museum, a founding goal of the Foundation, the Foundation co-sponsored the establishment of the Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel or MEAP. The goal of the MEAP is to gain input from those organizations that have been working to preserve, show, and educate the publish about the United States Coast Guard and her predecessor services, and their contribution to the Nation.

Purpose and Function

The Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel (MEAP) is responsible for providing input and offering recommendations regarding the exhibition design for the future National Coast Guard Museum.

Primary Responsibilities

The Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel (MEAP) will:

  • Identify potential exhibit themes that best represent the Coast Guard past, present, and future.
  • Respond to requests for architectural input and review of exhibit space design, use of technology, and traffic flow in order to maximize the museum visitor experience.
  • Serve as active sponsors and advocates for promoting the museum within each member’s respective organization.
 Panel Composition

The Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel (MEAP) is comprised of representatives of interested non-profit organizations and CG representatives who aspire to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of the United States Coast Guard.

Additionally, the Panel will include museum subject matter experts and an active Coast Guard historian(s) and curator(s). The following organizations have been participating since January 2016.

Association for Rescue at Sea Commandant’s National Coast Guard Retiree Council
Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association Coast Guard Auxiliary Association
Coast Guard Auxiliary Coast Guard Aviation Association
Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association
Coast Guard Cuttermen Association Coast Guard Women’s Leadership Initiative
USCG Lightship Sailors International Association, Inc. National Council of Coast Guard Spouses’ Councils
Regional Maritime Museum Director United States Life-Saving Service Heritage Association
United States Lighthouse Society United States Navy Memorial
United States Coast Guard Academy United States Coast Guard Research & Development Center
Naval Order of the United States
  • Purchased for the USCG Historian’s Office historic items that belonged to RADM Randolph Ridgely, Jr., who retired as a Rear Admiral in 1935. RADM Ridgely had entered the service through the Revenue Cutter Service. As the US Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association notes, “RADM Ridgely was awarded the Navy Cross in 1918 for his performance “in the important, exacting and hazardous duty of transporting and escorting troops and supplies through waters infested with enemy submarines and mines” during WWI. He later went on to serve as superintendent of the Academy (1932-1935) immediately following its move to its current location.” The building that houses the USCG Maritime Force Protection Unit Kings Bay is named for him.

RADM R Ridgely Collection

  • In conjunction with with the USCG, the Foundation revised the Annual Unit and Individual Awards program, making the submission process easier and clarifying the criteria, categories and awards.
  • Participated in the filming of a TV short history about VADM James A. Hirshfield and his WWII heroics. CAPT FredHerzberg, USCG (Ret.) was the “talking head” that put each part of the story in perspective.
  • Provided speaker for the breakfast honoring Coast Guard Spouses in Sturgeon Bay, WI. This breakfast was co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Navy League and Roen Salvage Company.
  • CDR Paul Fawcett relieved CAPT Rick Batson as Treasurer.
  • Continued sponsorship of Coast Guard History Award to Honor Graduate of each Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Class.
  • Published two editions of The Cutter, FCGH’s magazine.
  • Building on our experience in getting the US Postal Service to honor the Coast Guard with a stamp, we have began an effort, along with others, to have the US Postal Service to honor with stamps honoring four African Americans who made a difference inside and outside of the Coast Guard. Four potential candidates include Richard Etheridge, Office in Charge of the Pea Island Lifesaving Station (the first all African American staff), Mike Healy, first African American to command a US vessel, Alex Haley, Author of “Roots” and himself a retired Coast Guardsman, and Olivia Hooker, First African American SPAR (the Coast Guard’s WWII era women’s component of the Coast Guard)
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